Tattoo + and –


*Pair of solid figures representing just eyes. Facial tattoo around the eyes.
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About the Artist

About my work:

In 1995 I came up with the idea to paint wood, more concretely wooden furniture, with transparent paint. I was curious about the effect of different layers of paint on top of each other in the colors yellow, red, green and blue.

I initially performed this on existing boxes and cabinets. These were sanded, filled and treated against woodworm.

The result of painting with transparent paint surprised me and appealed to me very much.

It gives a beautiful and extensive color palette, it gives depth to the painting and the wood grain remains visible. To increase transparency, small parts are painted with opaque paint. Gold leaf provides highlites and a refined finish.

After having used some building kits for side tables in 1997, I make all items myself from 1998 onwards.

In 1999, in addition to the 4-color palette, a color palette with brown tones was created. In 2004 a black and white color palette followed.

In addition to the outside of an object, the inside of the object is also given a complete decoration. This gives a surprise effect when doors or lids are opened.

Existing objects are sometimes used and then take on a different meaning. Like cupboard feet that become horns of a bull, egg cups under a bowl or the grill of a BMW like cats' eyes in a cupboard.

Since 2020 I also make small sculptures for which I use one model of cabinet legs. By experimenting with this form in composition and number, eyes or sculptures with different body positions are created.

Composition of 4 painted wooden cabinet legs

A pattern can be applied in two ways. Either one colours the pattern on the background, a positive image (Tattoo +). Either one colours the background all around the pattern, a negative image (Tattoo -). The sculpture on the round plinth has the positive image. The sculpture on the square plinth has an identical pattern, but in the negative version. The insides of the eyes are gilded and reflect the light. On the imaginary place of the left ear a small earring.


  • Tattoo +
    • high 42 cm
    • wide 27.5 cm
    • deep 8.5 cm
  • Tattoo –
    • high 46 cm
    • wide 27.5 cm
    • deep 9 cm


Wooden sculpture Tattoo +
• 4 pine cupboard legs
• green and round plinth 15 by 8.5 cm
• brass rod long 15 cm
• 2 beech wooden balls with a diameter of 15 mm
• gold leaf
• transparent water-based paint
• silver coloured earring with glass stone

Wooden sculpture Tattoo –
• 4 pine cupboard legs
• pine square base 15 – 9 – 9 cm
• brass rod long 18.5 cm