M.K. Hughes – Painter, Set Designer and Scenic Artist


*Professional artist and educator working for various theater organizations and univiersities.
US StatePennsylvania
CountryUnited States

About the Artist

Graduate of Southern Illinois University with a Master’s in Theater (Set Design). A professional scenic artist, working with such companies as the Alabama and Oregon Shakespeare Festivals. Additionally, she produces studio art and mural designs/painting.

Her primary occupation is working for the Theatre Department at the University of Pittsburgh and she also teaches as an adjunct at Point Park University.

Sometimes her tools are paintbrushes, other times, she’s using computer programs and good old-fashioned hand and power tools.

In addition to working at Pitt and Point Park, she’s also designed sets for the Pittsburgh City Theatre, McLeod Summer Playhouse, University of Dubuque, Kansas State University Theatre and Hiawatha Theater Company as a professional and work in several other capacities as an intern and student.