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  • Gallery of Sculptures. Italian and Ural marble. www.kingofmarble-shmatko.comArt of Nikolai Shmatko
    Gallery of Sculptures (Italian and Ural marble), painting, biography, news.
    ( Rating: 7.61 )

  • Artist and sculptor Lars Widenfalk - figurative stone sculptures
    Lars Widenfalk has since many years appeared as one of the principal exponents for a revitalizing of figurative stone sculpture. The black stone violin Blackbird, the only one of its kind in the world, was made by Swedish artist and sculptor Lars Widenfalk. Constructed to the designs of Stradivarius, it uses Lars own technical solutions..
    ( Rating: 6.22 )

  • Cameron Brian
    Prime example of the Hard Boiled American Artist.
    ( Rating: 6.13 )

  • Annalisa Ramondino's sculpture
    Ramondino's Arte Povera sculptures are transfigured objets-trouv?s, bricolage-narrations, assemblages where materials are stratified in a coherent array of heterogeneous stories.CV, ArtGallery,Essays.
    ( Rating: 6.12 )

  • Mediterranean artworks
    Sculptures in terracotta, bronze, marble. Monumental artworks for city parks and square.Art works for private garden, beauty centers, cruise [Italy]
    ( Rating: 6.11 )

  • Ernst Ghenzi
    Ernst Ghenzi: Vom Handwerk bis zur k?nstlerische Emanzipation... [Switzerland]
    ( Rating: 6.10 )

  • Stone Sculptures
    I make sculptures and I like it. I drill and grind and tap. The stone is hard and resists me. I persist. I try to expose the form of the sculpture which is already inside it. In an incomprehensible way the stone keeps its gravity, austerity and respectability.
    ( Rating: 6.09 )

  • Metal Art Sculptures
    David Vanorbeek, Artdeev is a sculptor in the south of France, in the Aude who makes figurative and abstract metal art sculptures for indoor and outdoor. See also
    ( Rating: 6.08 )

  • Ruth Santee
    The newer generation of art hopped up and agitated.
    ( Rating: 6.08 )

  • Denny McNeill--Fine Art in Wood
    Denny McNeill-Sculptor In Wood will take you on a tour of my website featuring a body of work spanning styles such as figurative, representational, abstract, and western.
    ( Rating: 6.07 )

  • Lady Artisan Ltd.
    Lady Artisan is a sculptor of bronze and pewter. Sculpture, water fountains, bells, and functional works of art are presented in galleries and at festivals like the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.
    ( Rating: 6.04 )

  • Phelps Sculpture Studio
    David Phelps is a contemporary american sculptor, internationally collected, with large scale Public and Private Installations across the United States. He works primarily in Bronze, Steel & Concrete.
    ( Rating: 6.04 )

  • Les Foster Birds
    California artist, Les Foster, designs and creates affordable works of art from high quality, hand-painted paper and wood. These one-of-a-kind pieces have been featured in Birds and Blooms magazine.
    ( Rating: 6.04 )

  • G?rald Hach
    By having a strong sense of loneliness, he makes his inspiration come out. A first, it is an intense emotion, a plain feeling, then suddenly, it was an image which appeared and was essential as model.
    ( Rating: 6.02 )

  • Nautical Bronzes by Joseph P. Pizzuti
    Grub for the Crew is the first completed bronze in a series of bronzes inspired by nautical themes. An Asian pirate with an iguana, and a lobsterman with a standing wolfhound are works in progress.
    ( Rating: 6.00 )

  • S. Nicolas Originals
    Art Doll Figuratives by Artist Sherry Nicolas. Site includes Santas, American Indian, Charactures, Angels, Ranch Hands and Collectables
    ( Rating: 6.00 )

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