Lyrical Abstraction | Workshop | T.Delaine


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*It is first an explosion of color with shapes borrowed from nature and mountain landscapes. This is an invitation on a contemplative walk through abstract landscapes where the seabed, the vertiginous cliffs and the cosmos seem to confront each other without ever knowing where we really are.
MediumOil Painting
Street602 chemin Agénor
CitySaint André
Zip/Postal Code97440

About the Artist

After years of artistic studies in Paris, the painter lived in various parts of the world such as Crete, Limousin, Benin, or Madagascar. Since 2015, he has been living in Reunion Island where the very varied mountain and oceanic landscapes are a great source of inspiration for him.

Waterfalls, seabed, ocean, day or night, mountains, springs, rivers and volcanoes… “Where are we?” asks the spectator at first glance surprised by these abstract landscapes evocative of nature and fantastic places.
The reflex is innate, we invariably seek to associate known things, what we are used to seeing behind this profusion of colors and shapes as much mineral as organic. Is this a good idea?

And yet, after the first sensations of astonishment, Théophile Delaine’s canvases are very quickly tamed. They invite us on a pictorial journey full of twists and turns. Because each time our gaze ventures again into his universe, a new discovery is made. Borrowing from familiar shapes, they speak a universal language; that of the human being facing the world and its mysteries.