Coloring pages for adults


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About the Artist

Hello.My name is Davis. I've been in graphic design for years,so I decided to make some coloring pages for adults.
I like to draw since I was a kid. Drawing is relaxing me.
I know coloring relaxes everyone,and that's why I'm making these coloring pages.

Since we live in hard times, stress and anxiety are all arround us. We need to keep our mental health stabile.
Have you ever heard of art therapy? It is a method used for curing stress and anxiety since the 16th century.
Coloring pages are the best way to see how art therapy can help you. You just color,don’t think of the problems, just focusing on the coloring. You liked coloring pages when you were a little kid, didn’t you? We all did. I still love them and draw them.

Take a minute for yourself and relax with my coloring pages for adults.