Yiannis Papadomichelakis


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*Drawings of Baki Hanma, Yugioh characters, Iron Maiden Eddie and more...
MediumBlack and colored pencils and markers on paper
CityAgios Nikolaos
Zip/Postal Code72100

About the Artist

Yiannis was born in 2007 and grew up on the Greek island of Crete.

Since he first took a coloured pencil in his hand, as a baby, his love for drawing and painting was obvious.

We never went out as a family without some paper and pencils. Wherever we went, friends’ homes, cafés, restaurants or to the beach, his tools followed. And when out of paper, paper napkins and place mats took over.

After hours and hours of practice, lots and lots of paper, loads of pens and pencils, images started to pop out and his first drawings to shape. With a bit of guessing, the characters he intended to draw started to show to the experienced eye.

As he was growing up, images and characters became clearer, in ever more beautiful and complete compositions.

Works inspired by comic books, games, video games and cartoons questioned our common dismissal of TV programmes, magazines from the corner shop or action heroes; Yiannis proved they can be sources of inspiration.

To this day, Yiannis goes on breathing life into paper and building worlds on his computer.
I would like to believe he will never seize to do so.